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To all Comunity, Let me guide you through the evolution of this coin from its inception. Initially, a 5% transaction tax was channelled into a designated wallet, intended to grant the public a substantial 16% discount on all transactions. However, due to limited community support, this 5% allocation was redirected towards reinforcing the coin's liquidity, ensuring that 5% from each buy and sell transaction directly contributes to the coin's liquidity pool.

Subsequently, an unforeseen obstacle has arisen that necessitates an update on the coin's current status. Unfortunately, I've lost access to the vital codes required for managing my Metamask wallet. This loss of access prevents any modifications or adjustments to the coin's liquidity allocation. Consequently, the present arrangement, where 5% of each transaction bolsters the coin's liquidity, will persist indefinitely.

I extend my deepest apologies to the community for my failure to safeguard the wallet access codes, resulting in an irreversible loss of access to the coin's management tools. It's essential to clarify that although I maintain control over the website, the cryptocurrency operates independently. Therefore, I'll be updating the website to keep the general public informed about the coin's ongoing status.

Moving ahead, the coin's functionalities remain limited due to my inability to access crucial tools, limiting actions beyond basic buying and selling. The coin's liquidity, vital for its stability and longevity, will remain integral to its ecosystem.

I sincerely appreciate your understanding in this matter and express gratitude for the community's past support. Despite this setback, I am dedicated to ensuring transparency and will endeavor to keep the community informed of any potential developments within the current constraints.

Regarding the coin's transaction structure, due to its limited trading activity, adjustments have been made. Initially, a 5% allocation from all transactions was directed to a wallet, providing a 16% discount. However, I've since decided to allocate the 5% directly to the coin's liquidity.

Recent events, resulting in the loss of access to the coin's management tools and wallet due to misplaced access codes, necessitate maintaining the current setup where 5% of all transactions contribute to the coin's liquidity. This shift aims to foster the coin's self-reliance, steering away from reliance on manual discounts.

While I previously discussed potential amendments through community consensus, the present lack of significant community engagement and the lost of the wallet codes constrains such changes.

This decision firmly directs the 5% transaction allocation to the coin's liquidity. However, an engaged community could prompt reconsideration in the future. For now, the existing structure remains, highlighting the coin's organic growth and its independence from direct owner intervention.

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